The JOBZ Network and Training Corporation (“Jobz or the organization”) is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 corporation design for the purpose of training talented, low income, unemployed, underemployed, and uneducated young men and women in the areas of service, maintenance, repair, building renovation and construction.  This includes a group of individuals who are not a part of the established flow of business, banking, credit, and gainfully employed connections.  This existing systemic problem perpetuated the Ferguson, MO unrest in 2014 and continues to exist at present.  As these trainees develop, they will have opportunities to work and learn while being paid.  After completion of training, they will have a perpetual relationship with the corporation and will be able to get employment opportunities and further training as needed as members of JOBZ.

The gist of our activities and program is to provide a combination of classroom and field training so that young adults who aspire to secure positions in the construction trades industry will gain much needed knowledge and on the job work experience.  Jobz will refine the skills of students in the classroom and collaborate with union, project management companies and various construction trade companies (i.e., electrical, HVAC, solar, woodmen/carpenters, etc.) to intern our students and assist them in experimental development.

The organization is governed by four-member Board of Directors who have both business and construction/trade skills and who will assist in setting policy and raising operating capital.  Currently both residential and commercial construction is rebounding in the region and while there are a number of trade schools in St. Louis, none of them, to our knowledge, are specifically focused on low income/at risk individuals and family.  Therefore, we believe the future us bright for this type of organization and the construction industry is ripe for a more diverse and well-trained pool of workers.

Organizational Plan, Background and Mission

JOBZ was founded by Darren Carroll in February 2015.  The organization’s primary goal is to provide a means of connecting talented future craftsmen to the world of construction and the building trades by the transfer of valuable knowledge.  This project is necessary because of the existing failure and hypocrisy of other groups, including but not limited to unions, social organizations, and the constructions industry as a whole.  Any organization that existed prior to 2014, has failed to put a REAL program together and have also failed to create a fair playing field in the industry.  Thus, an opportunity was created for some new players in the game of survival.

JOBZ goals are to:

  1. Secure an Operating budget of $100,000 within first three years (2021-2023).
  2. Train 10 students per year or 3-4 students per class in a minimum of 10-week period. This includes 2 weeks’ vacation and retooling of the shop per year.

This training will not result in a certification; however, it will serve to strengthen the skills and abilities of the students as they advance and/or enter/reenter the workplace.

  1. Conduct a 10-week boot camp or training session to provide work, training, and certifications in trade related task. Provide hands on experience and testing to each student on each task
  2. Recruit as many pros as possible during the period of 2021-2023 to assist in this training.
  3. Serve over 30 students by the end of 2023. Jobz will focus on providing essential resources to at risk individuals and families throughout metropolitan St. Louis.

The organization is governed by four-member Board of Directors who have both business and construction/trade skills and who will assist in setting policy and raising operating capital.

President and Executive Director- Darren Carroll

Senior Vice President- Nick Niknejadi

Secretary- Jerry Fondren

Treasurer- Daniel Carroll


This organization is unique in many ways.  It encourages education and growth for all of its affiliates.  Trainees, trainers, craftsmen and even officers are encouraged to continue to improve and increase in knowledge.  We will reach out to other organizations in an effort to collaborate by creating partnership.