Work Program

Keys to Success

Week 1

Safety – OSHA 10 training and introduction to the program – 10 hours of training this includes rules od conduct issued and explained.  Also making childcare available to all trainees to facilitate their need to relax, focus and absorb the information set before them.  Making sure transportation, counseling, consulting and special – OSHA 10 training and introduction to the program

  • Rules of conduct issued and explained.
  • Making sure transportation, consulting, and special assistance is available to each trainee who has proven to be in attendance, prompt, and able to follow all the required rules of conduct.

Week 2

  • Electrical Training – Introduction to working with electrical tools, basic wiring, and electrical safety.

Week 3

  • Electrical – Residential rough wiring.

Week 4

  • Electrical – Commercial rough wiring.

Week 5

  • Plumbing – Introduction to working with plumbing tools and equipment.

Week 6

  • Plumbing – Residential rough plumbing.

Week 7

  • Plumbing – Commercial rough plumbing.

Week 8

  • Residential Construction – Introduction to residential remodel work.

Week 9

  • Residential Constriction – Introduction to residential renovation of entire structures.

Week 10

  • Residential and Commercial Finish Work for all trades. Learning to finish projects.

Emergency projects and service calls will be billed at market rates but will provide work opportunities for the trainees.

Program Measurements

  • Home renovation work on properties owned by Jobz will provide work experience and opportunities for trainees
  • New homes construction on properties donated to or purchased by Jobz will provide work opportunities for the trainees
  • Customers will have opportunities to become members of Jobz and be able to donate, volunteer, and get work done by our staff including trainees. This could result in substantial saving for customers who become members due to our member discounts.
  • Customers will be able to save money off of standard market rate project cost. This is possible due to our use of trainees that are well trained and properly supervised.
  • Our customers can be found throughout the entire Metropolitan Area of St. Louis. We will expand our working area to other regions as we continue to grow.
  • In addition to contracting customers already in our database of 1200 +, we will continue to connect with businesses, groups, and especially churches.
  • These churches are great resources for work projects as well as human resources to facilitate our growth. We have agreed to assist them in opening new locations as they assist us in our continued growth.
  • While we are already working on various customers within our current database, we plan to begin renovation work during the next few months after we are able to acquire a property.